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Application Requirements

Applications for funding are only accepted from companies invited to present to an ad hoc board of reviewers. When requested, invited companies will be required to submit a single package (via an online form) with all of the following materials.

Required Materials

  • Schedule of any intellectual property
    Please include patent numbers, brief description, filing date, issue date, and geographic coverage.
  • Use of Funds
    Provide detail by major category on how the requested funding would be spent in order to achieve next value adding milestone (often called the inflection point) at which the next financing would take place.
  • Current Funding
    • Amount of grant funding raised by company to date, if any. Can be 0.
    • Amount of equity or convertible funding raised to date, if any. Can be 0.
  • Cap Table
    Please indicate the ownership percentages held by the current stakeholders.
  • Incorporation
    If incorporated outside the State of Maryland, confirmation of consent by the company to receive funding from Momentum subject to Mayland law and jurisdiction (choice of law).
  • Proposed Term Sheet (if structured) OR provide the following information:
    • Total Amount of Round
    • Amount Raised to Date for Current Round (if any)
    • Lead investor (if any) and how much committed
    • Amount Requested from Momentum
    • Form (e.g. convertible note, convertible preferred, equity purchase)
    • Valuation (if equity)
    • If convertible, proposed:
      • Length of note, automatic conversion triggers
      • Valuation cap
      • Discount rate
      • Interest rate
    • Other terms and conditions (e.g. board seats or observer rights)
  • Proposed investment document or convertible note (if one exists) (optional)
  • Detailed current and projected financial projections (optional)
  • Additional information about your company that you think would be helpful (optional)

If you have questions on your filings, eligibility, or the review process please email Claire Broido Johnson.

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