Astek Diagnostics marks another R&D milestone through a strategic partnership with MedStar Health

Astek Diagnostics (“Astek”) announced today a strategic partnership with the MedStar Health Research Institute focused on advancing innovation around the identification of UTI infections and detection of antibiotic sensitivities in 1 hour through its JidduTM Analyzer. MedStar Health Research Institute is the research arm of MedStar Health, the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., region, and hosts more than one thousand active studies each year across more than 40 different care sites, including MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital (MNRH).

The partnership includes an Accelerated Pilot Study focused on testing, validating and further improving the technology behind Astek's Jiddu Analyzer. The research commenced in July 2023 and its first phase was completed in November 2023, reaching testing accuracy of 90.43%. In December 2023, Astek initiated the second phase of the study, which is scheduled to be completed in February 2024. Its focus is on preparing the underlying technology to be transitioned from a breadboard prototype to an alpha prototype by April 2024. Astek's efforts in the space aim to significantly improve diagnostic speed and accuracy, thereby reducing patient complications and pain, as well as lowering healthcare costs.

This important work with MedStar Health comes on the back of an Accelerated Pilot Study which Astek competed with the University of Maryland, Baltimore between June 2022 and May 2023, where testing accuracy of 95.60% was reached. It was those initial results that caught the attention of Suzanne Groah, MD who serves as the director of the SCI Rehabilitation and Recovery Program & director of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research at MNRH. She has championed Astek's work within the MedStar network and currently leads the collaboration between the two organizations. “I am excited about this collaboration as Astek's technologic approach to the diagnosis of UTI takes into account our contemporary understanding of the urobiome in health and disease and has the potential to transform how we conceptualize, diagnose, and treat this common infection,” said Dr. Groah.

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