Baltimore Sun: bwtech@UMBC in Catonsville helps both start-ups and going concerns to serve their niche

Mike Adelstein, who graduated from UMBC, now serves as the CEO of Potomac Photonics, a company he has been with since 1997. Seven years ago, he decided the firm needed to move from Prince George’s County.

That’s when he contacted bwtech@UMBC, a research and technology park located at his alma mater. After reviewing what the place was about, Potomac Photonics relocated there in 2014.

“It was important for us to be located in an area that’s tech-centric and a community, like a university or government, that’s committed to developing new tech and innovation,” Adelstein said.

In fact, bwtech@UMBC is all those things. The park began with 8,000 square feet of trailers in 1989 and has expanded to 525,000 square feet of space — including a North and South part of the park — that is home to approximately 130-plus tenants, as of 2018.

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