Here’s how to make Maryland a center for ‘cleantech’ and ‘proptech’ innovation | COMMENTARY

The Biden administration is advancing an aggressive climate change agenda. Historically, national policymakers focused on emissions from energy and transportation. As President Biden signaled in his early executive orders, however, his administration will be prioritizing climate emissions from the building sector, which accounts for roughly 30% of U.S. emissions. As the U.S. Department of Energy has highlighted, new technologies will be required to achieve target emissions reductions from buildings. Maryland is already an emerging leader in the property technology (proptech) and cleantech space. Through public and private collaboration, the state can strengthen its leadership position, fostering an innovation economy and creating jobs.

Maryland is home to great startups that sit at the intersection of climate and real estate, like Datakwip, a building analytics platform that reduces building energy emissions through smarter climate management, and Dynamhex, a platform that uses artificial intelligence models to identify the current carbon footprint of a business or municipality, then model, analyze, and prioritize emission reduction recommendations.

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