Language Upskilling Platform Raises $6.75M to Boost Economic Mobility for U.S. Immigrants and Refugees

Voxy EnGen secures $6.75 million Series A financing round to deliver personalized English training for in-demand careers in collaboration with employers, educational institutions, and community-based organizations that support New Americans

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Voxy EnGen, a Public Benefit Corporation delivering personalized language learning technology to empower immigrants and refugees, today announced a $6.75 million Series A investment, backed by Rethink Education, The Social Entrepreneurs' Fund, the University System of Maryland Momentum Fund, Juvo Ventures, and The American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Rooted in insights gleaned from millions of language learners over the course of ten years, Voxy EnGen deploys an AI-driven learning platform to address the urgent language needs of New Americans for whom English can be a powerful lever for economic mobility.

"This is about the alignment of innovation with social impact. It is about translating proven technology into language learning solutions that can unlock the potential of New Americans whose talents are often overlooked, but who can play a significant role in powering a more equitable and inclusive economic recovery" said Dr. Katharine Nielson, Founder and Chief Education Officer of Voxy EnGen. "This isn't work that any single sector or organization can do alone. We are on a mission to collaborate with employers, schools, colleges, workforce development organizations, and community groups to connect with and serve the 96% of Americans who simply don't have access to English language instruction."

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