Linshom Medical, Inc. Closes $1.5 million Series A Round with Investment from Maryland Momentum Fund and Current Investors

Linshom is First to Deliver an Operating-Room-Quality Respiratory Profile to Patient Bedside for Continuous, Predictive Respiratory Monitoring (CPRM)

Baltimore, Md. (April 27, 2022) – Linshom (“to breathe”), a Maryland-based startup developing a respiratory monitoring system, closed a $1.5 million Series A funding round with investment from the Maryland Momentum Fund and current investors.  

The Linshom Respiratory Sensor and Monitor is the first predictive, continuous respiratory monitoring system able to practically reach the patients’ bedside. Severe respiratory events can begin to cause brain damage only three minutes after breathing ceases. While critical care patients are continuously monitored for respiratory function, patients on general care floors are not monitored as closely, but are still at risk for serious respiratory complications. The Linshom Respiratory System bridges that gap, helping clinicians respond more quickly to severe respiratory-related events.

“Patient respiratory depression events are fairly common in hospitals; half of all adverse events occur on general care floors and 75% of those events are respiratory in nature. Linshom can intercept these disasters by calling early attention to respiratory decline so that clinical staff can take action,” said Richard Hughen, chief executive officer of Linshom. “I am delighted to have the Maryland Momentum Fund join as an investor. The value of their commitment lies in more than just financing; it has triggered a spike of interest from other investors.”

Read the full release from the University System of Maryland.