RealLIST Connectors 2021: Meet 25 leaders growing Baltimore’s tech and entrepreneurship network

When times get tough, a well-established community can move quickly to hold together, and new opportunities to build it better can emerge.

That’s what we’ve learned in the last year, as a pandemic, economic crisis and generational call for racial justice changed how we worked and considered society in ways that will last long into the future.

Given what was happening in the world, business couldn’t be as usual.

But in the Baltimore tech and innovation community, it by no means meant that things slowed down. Events looked different, but they kept going. New coalitions formed to meet the moment in ways that brought the local community together like never before.

This year wasn’t the same as last year for the community, and so our list of the people building it isn’t either.


Take a look, and get a window into who’s building this community right now, and helping to push it forward for the future:

Claire Broido Johnson

  • Managing director, Maryland Momentum Fund
  • Leading the University System of Maryland’s active venture fund with experience as both an investor and founder in the energy sector, Broido Johnson helps “not just the portfolio companies that are funded but the many, many more that are not yet ready to be funded or cannot be funded by connecting them to her extensive network,” her nominator wrote.

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