Working Nation: Learning language skills to access economic mobility

Voxy EnGen launches English language learning that focuses on the language of jobs

“Research estimates by 2030, 97% of net workforce growth is going to be immigrants and their children. All the baby boomers will have reached retirement age. And we’re going to have a completely new generation of workers. We have to do our part to prepare them for the jobs of the future.” That from Katie Nielson, Ph.D., founder and chief education officer of Voxy EnGen.

“We have a national focus on upskilling, on apprenticeship models, and getting people the skills they need for jobs that have economic mobility. We often just leave immigrants and refugees out of that conversation because they don’t have the English skills to access the training,” explains Nielson.

Today marks the launch of Voxy EnGen’s web and mobile application that helps immigrants, refugees, and limited English-proficiency adults get access to English skills to improve their careers and reach their educational aspirations.

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