A woman-owned and minority-owned company, SIMPLi's mission is to simplify and transform a flawed food system into one that is equitable and regenerative – good for the planet, people, and producers. The company, co-founded in 2020 by native-Peruvian Sarela Herrada and her husband, Matt Cohen, stands out for its commitment to plastic-free packaging for its beans, grains, legumes, superfoods, oils, and spices as an alternative environmentally friendly option compared to a largely plastic-filled industry standard. In an effort to commercialize sustainable and regenerative organic farming, SIMPLi works with native farming communities around the globe to transition their land to Regenerative Organic Certified®, a method of farming that restores and regenerates the planet rather than depletes it (and also has strict criteria for worker and animal welfare). SIMPLi is a leading Regenerative Organic Certified® ingredients company with Organic and Regenerative Organic certified products offered through its food service and retail channels and a strong pipeline of transitional farms on the way to certification, made possible through SIMPLi's infrastructure and global distribution footprint.